• Thorough assessment and expert care
  • Lots of questions
  • Attention to detail
  • Honest assessment
  • Clear treatment plan
  • Follow up support
  • Clear communication


At your first visit to Extend Physiotherapy we will provide a thorough assessment of your injury and develop a treatment plan and exercise program in conjunction with you that will get you better, faster.

This is likely to include a program of visits to our clinic for hands-on treatment and review of your progress, together with a regime of exercises that you can do between visits and after your clinical treatment is complete. This is the important part – Extend Physiotherapy can help you, but we believe that the patient must be an active participant in their own recovery.

At Extend Physiotherapy we promote a positive environment and inclusive culture, where the patient feels comfortable and welcome. This relaxed atmosphere assists in faster rehabilitation with fewer visits.

Whilst the patient is the most important person, Extend Physiotherapy will also liaise with other health professionals involved with your care, ensuring that everyone, including your doctor, surgeon, parent or coach understands how you’re progressing.

With an established patient base and an expanding referral base, Extend Physiotherapy is well placed to provide quality, thorough physiotherapy care.

Extend Physiotherapy Welcomes New Clients

You will receive a friendly welcome, open conversation, thorough assessment and appropriate treatment
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